The PENDERS ebike lifter in detail

ebikelifter Teleskoparm

telescopic arm

The telescopic arm is pushed in before the start of the journey. After the bike has been hung in the cradle, turning the safety lever releases the power for effortless lifting.

ebikelifter Aufnahmeschale

receiving tray

The bike is hung in the mounting shell with the clamping support tube.

ebikelifter Aufnahmeschale mit Spanntragrohr

tension support tube

The suspended tension support tube

PENDER ebikelifter Frontansicht distance

When raising and lowering, the telescopic arm keeps the bike at a safe distance from the vehicle.

PENDER ebikelifter Ansicht

Technical data:

The PENDER ebike lifter is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.
The total weight of the PENDER ebike lifter with accessories is approx. 12 kg.
The lift itself, which is to be lifted onto the car roof, weighs approx. 8 kg
It is designed for e-bikes up to 30 kg.

You can download the operating instructions as a PDF here.

Download user manual

Influence of vehicle height

Depending on the type of vehicle, the height to which you have to raise the bike changes by a few centimeters in order to place it in the holder:
Car: approx. 10-20 cm
SUV: approx. 20-40 cm
Transporter: 40-60 cm

Video instruction: